REVIEW: Brio Track Repair Vehicle

Problem on the line? Send in the BRIO Track Repair Vehicle to sort it out. The Track Repair Vehicle is ready for any emergency and its special feature is the mesmerising ‘fixing and welding’ light show, which is simply operated by pressing the red button on the top (the battery is included). It produces orange flashing lights which light up the track to show the work in progress – great fun! The vehicle is suitable for ages 3 years and up and is a great addition to an existing wooden train set.

Of course, it is manufactured to BRIO’s high standards and the wood used is FSC Certified wood, although this particular vehicle is largely plastic. The bright yellow of the design makes it look suitably different from other trains. A magnetic coupling front and back allows it to be attached to other trains and carriages; there’s also a magnetic point on top of the silver piece of equipment which fits on top of the vehicle. It’s great to see a focused product like this, which really gives plenty of opportunity to extend the imaginative play value of children’s train sets – all sorts of scenarios can be played out which children will enjoy. It also gives an insight into the way railways work and the fact that regular maintenance needs to be carried out, thereby extending knowledge.

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