REVIEW: BRIO Rescue Fire Train

This is a great one for imaginative play and it really will stimulate children to act out different scenarios as the train rushes to the rescue – maybe there’s a fire or perhaps a kitten needs rescuing from a trackside tree. The really neat feature about this particular set is that pressing a button on the top of the engines disconnects the two wagons so that the train can make a quick getaway and call for help. The set includes the engine, a hose trailer and a water tanker trailer. The ladder on the hose trailer swivels up and the hose can be retracted.

Each element of the set is attractively and appropriately decorated. Parents will be pleased to know that neither this nor the Travel Train above need batteries – it seems that children get just as much fun from the manually pushed trains anyway, especially when lots of children are playing together. Lots of trains and carriages can be coupled together – all the BRIO trains and carriages come with magnetic couplings – and children love to see how many they can link together! With so many features for imaginative play, this train set is a great addition to the BRIO range.

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