REVIEW: Brio Push & Go Racer

Push down on the head of the bright yellow racing driver and the back wheels spin into action, propelling the car forward. It works best on hard floors, but we found it would run on carpet too. Suitable for 12 months upwards, it’s a great way to stimulate activity as little ones crawl or toddle towards the racer as it travels along.

Their fine motor skills will be developed as they push down to make the toy move, and children will enjoy the bright colours. The toy is perfect for this young age, as all the corners of the car are gently rounded for safety. It’s easy for little fingers to grasp and will help develop manual dexterity This toy is mainly made of plastic – 75% to the 25% wood. It’s a great companion for other Brio vehicles for this age group. A lovely bright toy to add to the toybox

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