REVIEW: Brio – My Home Town: Farm Hen House

It’s morning on the farm and the hen is waiting for her food – no eggs unless you feed her! You need to feed the hen with corn from your bucket and set the fence straight so that she can’t escape. Come join the fun in the Hen House. Did you know that the hen’s favourite place to sit is on the roof top? She neatly slots into place, which is a great feature. From there, she can see everything that’s going on – encourage your child to talk about what else might be seen on the farm.

This colourful set includes a figure, a hen, a bucket, the hen house and four fences; it measures 14.8 x 6.6 x 13.4cm. The bucket has a ring to attach it to the figure, and the hen house has an opening door plus a movable ramp to give the hen access. The Hen House is suitable for ages 18 Months and up – it can be hard to find suitable toys for this age group, so it’s super to see this is the recommended age. There are plenty more toys in the My Home Town range, and every time you add to the collection, your child’s collection gains a new lease of life, refreshing interest. Of course, the set is manufactured to BRIO’s high standards and from FSC certified wood where appropriate – the set is part wood, part plastic. This is another lovely BRIO toy which offers plenty of scope for imaginative play, and opportunities to talk about where our food comes from.

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