REVIEW: Brio Magnetic Train

Your child is in charge of where this train goes, with no need for tracks. It’s perfect for children of 12 months plus, who will respond well to the bright colours of the pieces – red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and green, as well as black and white. It’s a good way to introduce colour recognition – “Pass me the orange piece.”

Each piece is magnetic and they snap together with a satisfying click – and they hold together well in play. Young ones may need a little help in working out how the magnets work. There are two train carriages and nine stacking pieces of varying shapes. The well made pieces are testament to BRIO’s high production standards; they have a really nice feel and will certainly be durable. The train runs smoothly – better on hard floors than carpet but that’s inevitable; the base with the wheels on is satisfyingly heavy, making the toy very stable.

The toy is made from FSC Certified wood and it measures 19.8 x 7.8 x 9.1cm. Placing the pieces together increases manual dexterity, and the opportunity to create different trains gives free rein to the imagination. A colourful first train that is fun to play with and very attractive to display on a toy shelf too.

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