REVIEW: BRIO Light & Sound Firetruck

Hurry! There’s an emergency and the firetruck has been summoned! Set the sirens and lights going (good news – the batteries are included and fitted) until you get there. The bright red plastic fire engine has two crew members (male and female), plus two removable ladders (which stack together) and a hose attached to the fire truck, which can be reeled in and out. I am a big fan of the My Home Town range from BRIO for children of 18 months plus. So many toys are marketed as being suitable for 3+ that it’s great to know there is a whole range that can be purchased to build up a really good collection for toddlers.

The toy has so many different features; it stimulates imaginative play and encourages interaction with other children; it also works really well with the other toys for the age group, and the size is ideal for the age, helping them develop manipulative skills as they move the play pieces around. Like all BRIO toys, it is beautifully made and is a toy that can be handed on through the generations – it is timeless in its appeal and the excellent manufacture means it is durable. An excellent role play toy and one which will be really enjoyed and played with a great deal – especially with others from the range.

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