REVIEW: Brio Builder Deluxe Set

This construction set is something different for me from BRIO – and one that’s just as good as all their products. Children can really give full rein to the imagination because as well as loads of wooden and plastic construction pieces there are eye graphics to enable character play. It includes an amazing 270 x Brio builder pieces including nuts, bolts, blocks and more – even a drum and rope. The screwdrivers, hammer, spanners and pliers are perfect for developing those construction skills and familiarising children with using tools. It is all well packaged, ensuring the pieces are all in perfect condition on receipt. It all comes neatly packed in a sturdy blue storage box with clip fastenings, perfect to keep it all tidy – and to encourage tidying up! 40% of the pieces are wood and this is FSC wood, as with all BRIO products. There are lots of bright colours in the plastic pieces, ensuring the finished constructions will be really colourful and attractive.

This a great set packed with so much potential for use of imagination to create any number of objects. The instructions include detailed drawings for five different items including a crane and a car. Then it’s down to children to make up their own ideas. We found the pieces fitted together well and the good size makes them ideal for young children. Just tipping all the pieces out and letting children have free rein immediately generates creations. With so many pieces to choose from, there are always enough pieces to make what you want. This is a fun and constructive way to practise hand/eye coordination and develop fine motor skills, especially when using the tools.


It’s suitable for 3+ and is a perfect first construction set but is also a set that will grow with your child – as their skills grow, the set has plenty of flexibility to accommodate this. A super set that will have many years of use. Of course, being manufactured to BRIO high standards ensures this will happen.

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