REVIEW: Brik Buster from Strictly Briks

The aim of this games is fairly simple, but a lot of fun! The box comes with a whopping 133 brightly coloured pieces and you can use the colours in order you like to make your tower. To build your tower you first need two of the platforms and lay them together side by side, you then need to make six columns which should be four bricks tall; start by making a column in each corner and then add a column in between the two corners. You need to alternate the direction of the platforms for each level.

Now it’s time to play! In the box you will also find a hammer, each player takes turns to hit at a support column. Sometimes a whole column will fall out and sometimes just one or two bricks will fall. You don’t want the tower to fall over when you hit the support columns, therefore the person who manages to knock a brick out without toppling the tower, is the winner! Brik Buster encourages creativity and learning through building.


You can build your tower back up and play can start again within a few minutes. My mini reviewers played six games in a row as they got more competitive as they worked out their own strategies for winning. It is suitable for ages 3 and over and for two or more players (children and adults). Strictly Briks are also compatible with other major brands with large bricks such as Duplo and Mega Blocks which means you can add to this set and play your own variation of the game.

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