REVIEW: Brainstorm Toys

World Globe

The best way to teach children about the world and the relationship between all the places is by using a globe. This compact globe is perfect for children’s bedrooms and it will really increase their understanding. The small size doesn’t mean loss of detail – it shows political boundaries, natural features such as lakes, rivers and deserts plus capitals and major cities; the scale is 1:90,000,000. The base is sturdy and the globe spins well. It’s neat and attractive – an educational toy that will fascinate children. “Brainstorm Toys is a range of fun, educational and interactive toys that brings together a host of fascinating items. The aim of Brainstorm Toys branded products is to entertain children but also to inspire them to learn more about their environment.”

Glow 3D Moon

Decorate your child’s bedroom ceiling and encourage an interest in space with these glow in the dark stickers (they are daylight visible too). All year round the Glow 3D Moon stickers make an interesting room decoration. For added interest, the pack includes three additional stickers – a landing module, astronaut and lunar Rover. The stickers all adhere easily with self-adhesive pads. To glow, they just need to be exposed to a light source (daylight or artificial) for a few minutes. It’s a subtle glow, so it won’t disturb children’s sleep, just give them a restful image; it did fade quite quickly. A fun and educational, gift for children who are interested in the stars, constellations and the universe – a great way to foster that interest, leading them on to greater discoveries.

StikBot Pirate Movie Set

Poseable Stikbots are here to make animated movies; this set includes the free StikBot stop frame animation app for iPhone or Android for children to download and produce their very own pirate movie masterpiece. The set is easy to build and includes a ship, sharks, treasure chest, trees, cannon, walk the plank, rowing boat and plenty more. StikBot comes dressed in pirate gear and there is a sticker sheet of pirate outfits included to dress your other StikBots – a really good idea. It’s a super way to develop children’s imaginative and story-telling skills as they use the animation app to film inside and outside of the ship. We also received two Stikbot figures, a pink and a blue one. These are jointed plastic figures that come in a variety of colours; they have suction cups on their hands and feet, and the bodies are held together with elastic cords that make for easy posing. On the box, children are encouraged to pose their figures, then share them in the Stikbot Studio (with parental permission, of course). An inexpensive and fun way to learn animation skills.


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