REVIEW: Brain Teaser Puzzle from Toys of Wood Oxford

This three-in-one puzzle combines a Galileo Globe, Halley’s Comet and Lock Ball (football) Puzzle in one neat and very attractive set. The wood is smooth and has a lovely tactile feel. The lovely dark shiny wood means it looks good as an ornament too. Endless fun as you take the puzzles apart and reassemble them in one of the shapes – it’s quite a challenge! Each puzzle is 7.5×7.5X7.5 cm, and comes nicely packed in a box.

This set of mind puzzles helps to improve lateral thinking and develop concentration skills – it’s very relaxing to do, as you get immersed in solving the puzzles, forgetting about anything else. Interestingly, it seems easy one time but on trying again, it seems impossible; that makes it even more fun as you never know how it will turn out. Instructions are included, but don’t spoil the fun by looking at them, if you can possibly help it. Why not extend children’s interest by encouraging them to find out more about Galileo and Halley? The puzzle can be enjoyed by adults and children over 8 years old. This would make a wonderful gift for a dad – it’s a great desk toy, with its relaxing tactile feel – one of those things people simply can’t resist picking up!

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