REVIEW: Board Game Blogger – Cortex Challenge Card Game

Our second game from the Board Game Club was far more to our taste as a family than the first. We love games that really challenge us and make us think, and this succeeds admirably. Challenge your brain in a fun game that tests your thinking, memory and speed skills! There are eight different challenges and the variety means players need to use many aspects of brain power. There are coordination, touch tests, duplicates, frequency, logical series, memory, mazes and colour puzzles; the symbol on the back of the card means you know what the next challenge is going to be. Cortex Challenge builds on the popular fast-paced approach from Esdevium Games popularised by Dobble and Jungle Speed! The really well made texture cards that are used during ‘Touch Challenges’, where players must guess what they are feeling, adding a new dimension to the game; one which is often overlooked when games are designed. Can you be the first to match symbols, correctly remember all objects on a card or find the route out of mazes, and then put your hand down over the relevant card? Winning challenges allows players to add pieces to their brain puzzle which they must complete before their opponents in order to win the game.

Cortex Challenge is sure to tax the mental abilities of players both young and old and it’s a great way to develop essential skills such as memory, shape identification, logical thinking, coordination and puzzle solving, The game is suitable for two to six players of 8+, making it ideal as a game for the whole family to enjoy together, although the younger end of the age range may need some help, especially initially. We played with four players, which seemed just about right. It puts quick reactions to the test, both mentally and physically. A super addition to the games cupboard, especially for competitive families.

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