REVIEW: Beaba Silicone Meal Set

The Beaba Silicone Meal Set comprises of a dusky pink plate with suction base, a grey bowl with a suction base, a deep pink cup and a clear and pink spoon.

The plate has raised sides which stops food being accidentally pushed off the edge and the suction base will help keep the plate in one place which will stop food ending up on the floor. It is a good size, perfect for a toddler as sometimes meal sets have fairly small plates which are quickly grown out of. The bowl also has the advantage of the suction base and the gently curved sides make it easier for your little one to scoop their food from it. The set also comes with a lovely silicone cup, we don’t have any other silicone cups so it we enjoyed finding out if it was any different to use; the silicone has far more grip than a plastic cup or beaker, it grips better on the surface it has been placed on, there is no ‘donk’ when it’s put back down on the table and in my opinion it is far more tactile. The final item is a silicone spoon and this again is of a decent size suited to toddlers, rather than babies.

Every item in the set is microwave and dishwasher safe, or you can wash them in warm soapy water. Your little one will love having their own set of tableware and the suction bases ensure mealtimes will be spill-free. The Beaba Silicone Meal Set also comes in a blue set and would make a perfect gift. Take a look at the other great products Beaba offer here.

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