REVIEW: Banjo Robinson

A Banjo Robinson subscription supplies 4-8 year olds with personalised letters from Banjo Robinson, a magical globetrotting cat, to boost reading and writing skills and to encourage learning about geography. Letter writing is definitely a dying art, so it’s really great to see a way to encourage children to write letters – and they will love to receive their regular personalised letters. Developed with teachers and inspired by Montessori learning, Banjo’s letters are aimed at encouraging children to write a reply – and then to ‘post’ it under the sofa! Once a fortnight, your child will receive a letter that is sent from a different country, containing stickers, country stamps, writing stationery, a mini reply envelope, and a colouring-in activity. Banjo’s first letter also includes a beautiful world map poster for children to decorate with their country stamps, thereby learning lots about world geography – this is an excellent part of the packs. Children will learn about different countries and cultures as they read about Banjo’s adventures around the world. The packs are very much designed for parents to use alongside their child to gain the full benefit, as they read Banjo’s letters, help them to write a reply, and then hopefully spend some time finding out more about the country Banjo has visited, widening the child’s vocabulary and building communication skills.


The letters, which are written in a very friendly style, are posted to the subscriber’s home twice a month and usually arrive on Saturday mornings. Children are encouraged to post their replies to Banjo under the sofa before bed, and to check again in the morning to see if they have been collected by one of Banjo’s cat friends overnight. Parents are able to add their own closing paragraph to the next letter that Banjo sends, referencing their child’s reply, in order to create an authentic back-and-forth ‘penpal’ relationship between child and cat. The subscription starts at just £5.15 per month, and you can choose from 6, 12 or 24 destinations. The personalisation is what sets this subscription apart and children will love this aspect. Subscribe here!

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