REVIEW: Bang On! Drumond Park

This is a fast-moving, action-packed game – there’s definitely no time to get bored! It’s a team game, so it makes a perfect ice-breaker for any social occasion, and it can be played by two or more players in teams. The more answers you get, the more time you are awarded, so you really need to think quickly – but will the tension stop you getting the answers? The game is centred on an electronically controlled ‘Bang On’ unit and a hammer. Teams must name as many items from their card as possible, in short, sharp bursts. Then the red timer knob cuts you off in mid-flow.

The wide range of topics means that that everyone has the same chance, young or old (recommended for 8+), making it a great family game. One team member is picked to be the Banger for that turn, and holds the hammer. The other team takes a card and calls out the topic. The Banger hits the big red button to start the game. Then everyone joins in, as every correct answer shouted out by any team member wins another bang with the hammer, sending the timer knob whizzing back up to the top again, so gaining enough time for someone to shout out another answer. The team then moves its playing piece along the board by the number of answers scored…but it’s not that simple – there are various cunning mishaps and challenges along the way to add to the fun and tension.

The questions seem deceptively easy, but it’s surprising how your mind goes blank under pressure! We found that, the more we played, the quicker we got. It’s great fun and really develops speedy thinking and quick reactions. The social media team at Drumond Park would love to hear what you think about this great game – send pictures, too! Just get in touch on Facebook or Twitter – and catch up on all the news on their crazy blog.

Look out for the Parents in Touch November giveaways where we will have 2 of these games to be won!

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