REVIEW: Baba & Boo Reusable Cloth Nappies

With the growing importance of creating less waste and using fewer single use or disposable items, we have been trying to find ways in which we can do this as a family so we have been trying out reusable nappies in a bid to reduce our waste. We were very kindly sent a reusable nappy from Baba & Boo, the nappy came with two bamboo mix inserts, which is standard if you order a one size pocket nappy from them. Being completely new to reusable nappies, I was impressed with how soft the inside of the nappy is, it has elasticated sides to prevent leaks as well as an extra gusset which makes them even more leak proof! At the back of the nappy is an elasticated pocked in which you put the bamboo mix inserts. You can use either one or two, depending on how much absorbency you need; it is advised to wash the inserts and the nappy a couple of times before you first use it as this increases the absorbency of the material. The nappy is waterproof and made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane lining, the inside is a soft mirco-fleece and the inserts are made from two layers of bamboo and two layers of microfibre. This is a one-size nappy which means it has a selection of poppers on the front of it so that you can get the perfect fit for your child, and it will fit from around 10lbs to potty training (smaller newborn nappies are available and are more suited to tiny babies).

The first time you use it you will be able to work out where the poppers need to be for the height and they can stay done up when washed and used again, so you will only need to do up the ones that do the nappy up each time you use it. We used the nappy with a biodegradable liner, which can be put in the bin or composted after use, you don’t need to use a liner but the advantage is that it catches the solid waste and it can be disposed of easily, leaving the nappy clean, with just liquid waste to wash out. We found the nappy really easy to put on, the different popper options ensure that you can get a perfect fit and the elasticated sides fit snugly around the legs; my mini reviewer is on the slim side and we had no problem being able to get a tight enough fit. The nappy can be washed at 60 degrees if needed, but we have found that 40 degrees is sufficient. In comparison to disposable nappies, we have found the absorbency to be just as good, we have had no leaks and they certainly feel a lot kinder to the skin as they are so soft. They are bulkier than disposable nappies but not so much so that they haven’t fit under any of his trousers.

A one-size nappy costs around £14.95, it comes with two inserts and the nappies should last you from around 10lbs to potty training, with many people keep them for their next child as they as designed to last. Baba & Boo have some absolutely gorgeous nappy designs, so head over to their website to take a look for yourself!

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