REVIEW: Aqua Wipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Aqua Wipes are biodegradable baby wipes which means that over just a few weeks they will break down, whereas normal baby wipes usually contain non-biodegradable plastics and could take up to 100 years to disappear. Baby wipes have been in the news recently as we use so many and they are not good for the environment, so it’s great to see wipes that are helping to tackle the problem. The wipes are suitable from birth, dermatologically tested and are formulated with more than 99% purified water, they have organic Aloe Vera and are plastic, perfume and paraben free. Aqua Wipes come in two different pack sizes – standard packs of 64 wipes (measuring 19cm x 16cm) and a travel pack of 12.

The wipes themselves feel really soft and moist, they are smooth and moisturising on the skin and they clean really well. We used them on four children; two in nappies and the older two for sticky hands and faces when out and about. Our youngest has eczema and these were really gentle on his skin. The travel pack was great for keeping to hand in the car and I now have one in my mini changing bag (2 nappies, 2 bags, wipes, muslin & a spare bodysuit) which I use if I’m just nipping out quickly and it is so much more convenient than having a large pack in there.

Aqua Wipes are stocked in lots of retailers including Amazon and Ocado, for more information head over to the Aqua Wipes website.

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