REVIEW: Apramo Flippa Dining Booster Seat

We have been reviewing the Apramo Flippa Dining Booster Seat this week which has made a big difference to our mealtimes! We have been eating outside a lot over the last couple of months while we are enjoying the sunshine but our outdoor chairs aren’t really suitable for a toddler. The large chairs are not safe enough for her to sit on with the risk of falling off and our smaller chairs, which our slightly older children use, can be a bit wobbly if you fidget too much. The Apramo Flippa seat fits perfectly on to our outside chairs so we have been able to enjoy lots of al-fresco dining!

The Flippa seat is designed to fit on almost all four legged chairs, so it easily attached to our dining chairs and outside chairs. It comes with an illustrated instruction booklet and the chair itself comes neatly folded. To use it you press the button on either side of the tray and then pull it out, place it on your chosen chair and use the straps to secure it to the chair; there is a strap to secure it underneath and one for the back along with a harness for your child.

This clever chair has adjustable feet so you can make sure that it doesn’t lean too far forward or too far back by unscrewing each foot so that it sits level. The tray is removable which makes putting your child in and taking them out much quicker as well as making it easier to clean, it can also be used without the tray which allows your child to sit up close to the table.


The Flippa chair is simple to fold back up again for storage and transport and it has aluminium legs which make it both lightweight and strong. It is perfect for taking out and really useful if you are visiting friends or relatives who may not have a high chair. We will be taking it with us when we head off on holiday soon!

The Flippa Dining Booster Seat feels very stable when secured to a chair and the adjustable feet are a great feature, they are also rubber so this stops the chair from slipping. It is light and easy to clean and it will fit back in the original box for transporting it. The chair comes in a range of bright colours; pink, green, orange, blue, red and purple. The Flippa seat is suitable from around 6 months to 3 years old and currently retails for £44.99.

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