REVIEW: A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Grounding, Soothing, Coping & Regulating Cards


This lovely little box of cards was developed by specialist clinical psychologist, Dr Karen Treisman, aimed at both professionals and parents, it contains 70 cards and an explanatory booklet which guides you through them. The cards use a range of techniques that can aid children (and adults) express themselves and their feelings by helping them to feel safe and create effective coping strategies for a variety of common issues such as stress, anxiety and emotional deregulation. It is suggested that you first familiarise yourself with the cards and select the most appropriate ones; they can be used in all sorts of ways from letting the child choose one themselves, integrating them in to games or using them as a teaching tool.

The cards have a vast assortment of suggestions including breathing exercises, talking positively, imagination, colouring, yoga and playing with sensory items, to name just a few. The accompanying booklet is excellent, it clearly explains the uses and the different ways in which they can be used and interpreted. Some of the cards have a blue book icon on which indicates that you can refer back to the booklet where you will find ways of extending on the cards in the pack. These are so much more than just cards for positive thinking and coping; they really help you to understand the theory and psychology behind them and they can be personalised to your child and situation. A Therapeutic Treasure Deck is aimed at using alongside children of 6+and retails for £22.99 (October 2018), you can find them here.

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