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    We’re bringing out a book that, we reckon, shines a real light on what it is to bring up s teenager who suffers from anxiety. It’s THE FEAR TALKING, written by Chris Westoby – who wrote from inside his teenage experience of anxiety, that went undiagnosed. His family are all there as themselves, working out how to keep loving and to fathom what was going on. I’ve popped the link onto the form,
    Might you be open to reviewing the book> Happy to send you a copy.
    Thanks and stay well

  • I joined this site yesterday (March 2023) and am so disappointed at how out of date it is. Nothing seems to have been added for years. Inaccurate information on important topics such as SATs. It’s appalling to charge people for such a sub-standard site.

  • how much information is provided?

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