Dessineo Learn to Draw

The Dessineo Learn to Draw is a new product from Jumbo’s educational range. It aims to teach young children to draw in just 4 easy steps by using the included projector box and slides. Included are 30 slides, each of the transparent discs has 4 different steps of the drawing to complete. Once you have chosen the image you want to draw you simply attach the slide on to the turntable inside the projector box and then shut the lid. You then choose a background sheet, there are 10 included but they are A4 size so you can also use plain paper. There are guides on the projector box to help the paper stay in place.

At this point the turntable with the slide on needs to be set to ‘step 1’. The steps are clearly marked at the front of the projector box and you simply click round until you reach the first step. The on/off switch lights up the image so that the child can start drawing over the lines shown. Once all of the lines have been completed the disc can be moved round to step 2 and you continue on in the same way until step 4 is finished. Once all the steps have been done you can colour in the brilliant drawing you have created!

The slides have an assortment of images including animals, vehicles and fantasy characters, the background sheets also have good variety to choose from. The Dessineo Learn to Draw comes with 1 black marker pen and instructions. It requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). It is aimed at ages 4+ and this is reflected in how simple it is to use. The slides are effortlessly placed on to the turntable and can be worked by a child with ease once they have been shown how. The images are easy enough for children to draw over accurately, but they also produce great pictures. The Dessineo Learn to Draw features a carry handle and all of the slides and paper can be stored inside it, with another compartment for the pen. This is a great ‘learn to draw’ product and the simple steps given to follow encourage children to try and re-create the images by themselves after they have used the slides a few times.

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