Book Review: This Book Will (Help) Cool the Climate: 50 Ways to Cut Pollution, Speak Up and Protect Our Planet By Isabel Thomas

50 chapters each give you one way in which you can help towards being more eco-friendly and saving the planet. Each chapter starts with a ‘planet-o-meter’ which tells you how this idea helps the planet and what can be saved e.g. wildlife, rainforest, water; it shows the impact it could have on the carbon footprint, how much it costs and how difficult it is.

Ideas include re-wilding your gardens by not using chemicals because they kill wildlife or trying not to tidy up dead leaves and twigs as they are a great habitat for minibeasts. One of our favourite ideas is one we try and do ourselves where possible and this is by giving gifts such as experience days, vouchers and tickets rather than physical gifts. Full of interesting and practical ideas that will definitely get you thinking.





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