BLOG: How well do you know your child’s primary school teacher?

Our latest guest post is from Edustaff:

Numerous studies have shown that having a good parent-teacher relationship contributes to your child’s success at school, so wouldn’t it be great if we understood each other a little better?

Primary school teachers have the important role of giving children the best start in life, so it’s no wonder we’re so keen to know lots about them. After all, nurturing young minds all day must be hard work!

Research shows that 4 in 5 primary school teachers are women and about a third of them are 30 years old or under, but what else do we know about them? It’s a profession that requires a special set of skills, that’s why Edustaff have created a fun and light-hearted infographic – detailing the characteristics of your child’s teacher.

Some of the characteristics are:

An academic brain – A teacher’s mind works in mysterious ways but what we do know is that the vast majority have an academic brain, with 96 per cent educated to degree level or higher.

Quick Witted – A primary school teacher needs to be quick witted if they don’t want to be caught out by a sharp student. They need to know all of their spellings and sums to avoid any embarrassing moments.

Creative – A creative mind can go a long way at primary school. How else will grammar be fun everyday? Primary teachers need tons of ideas to keep lessons interesting and engaging.

Stamina – Every teacher knows that the working day doesn’t finish when the school bell rings. They have lots of planning and prepping to do before they can unwind but it’s totally worth it!

We’re certain your child’s teacher will share many of these traits! Find out and take a look at the full guide for everything you need to know about the personality of a great primary school teacher.

You can take a look at the infographic here:

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