BLOG: The Importance of Soft Toys in Childhood & Adult Life

Soft toys are incredibly memorable survey finds!

Posh Paws International reminds parents that they shouldn’t forget the importance of a child’s first cuddly friend.

In a recent parent focused survey* conducted by leading soft toy manufacturer, Posh Paws International, it was found that 91% of those parents surveyed said that they remember their favourite childhood soft toy.

The results come at a time when children’s toys are becoming increasingly more ‘tech’ focused; with more children seeking comfort from online platforms than through traditional methods. So parents are being reminded by the global manufacturer, to never forget the importance of soft toys for children.

The survey was organised by Posh Paws to ascertain the popularity of plush as an emotive and ‘forever’ purchase. However further interesting facts came about from the responses.

  • 49% of the respondents still have their first soft toy.
  • Of these almost half (48%) keep their soft toy purely for the memories.
  • Over a quarter of respondents (267) said their favourite childhood soft toy was actually passed down from a relative, and even more than that (341) said they would be passing a soft toy down the family line as well.

The good news is that today’s parents do seem to recognise the importance of soft toys with a large proportion of respondents said that both their oldest (72%) and their youngest (83%) child still has their first soft toy.

Of course the features on a soft toy can seem all important, however Posh Paws have found that the way that a toy is manufactured is priority with respondents saying that quality and softness were two of the top things they look for, while interactive features and recognisable characters were less important.

Laura Bull, Marketing Manager at Posh Paws International said: – “The results of our survey have confirmed what we always thought about how important soft toys can be to families and how they are more than just a toy. Passing teddies and cuddly toys down a family line or keeping a first soft toy for comfort or sentimental value is important to a lot of people and we are so pleased to see that plush isn’t just a throw away purchase like many other toys and playsets, but is a forever belonging that is often gifted and treasured.”

For information about the survey results or the Posh Paws International plush ranges, call Ellie at Evolution PR on 01327 227010 or email k

* The survey was conducted via the parent online portal, The 1023 respondents came from a broad spectrum of parents.


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