BLOG: Superhero Jetpack Backpack!

Taken from the brilliant Superhero Craft Book from Button Books. Parents in Touch have 5 copies to giveaway this months. See the Giveaways Page to find out how to enter.

Jetpack Backpack

If flying isn’t your super power, have no fear! This jetpack can get superheroes to the scene
of the crime in no time. The pack doubles up as a backpack to store snacks, drinks, and all other superhero essentials.

You will need:

1 x shoebox with a lid, approx. 12 x 7in (30 x 18cm)

Red acrylic paint



Gold duct tape

1 x sheet each of blue and red craft foam, 8 x 12in (20 x 30cm)

Mixture of bottle tops and lids

3 x small plastic plant pots (about 2in/5cm diameter)

Strong glue

Gold spray paint

Red, orange, and yellow tissue paper

50in (1.3m) of 1in (2.5cm)-thick cotton tape

Masking tape

Step 1

Paint the inside of the shoe box and lid with several coats of red paint. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Make a cut in both corners of one of the long sides of the box lid to create an opening for the pack.

Step 3

Use duct tape to stick the lid flap you have created onto the top of the shoe box. Attach another piece of duct tape along the inside edge to keep the lid in place.

Step 4

Open up the lid and cover the outside of the lid and box with strips of gold duct tape.

Step 5

For the decoration, cut a 4in (10cm) strip of blue craft foam from the length of the sheet. Cut out three stars from the red craft foam sheet (you can use the template on page 10). Glue the blue strip onto the front of the jetpack, about 2 1⁄2in (7cm) from the top. Trim the edges to line up with the lid of the box. Glue the stars on top.

Step 6

Arrange bottle tops and lids on the front and top of the jetpack and glue in place to look like buttons.

Step 7

Spray paint the plant pots gold and leave to dry. Cut the yellow, orange, and red tissue paper into spikes and glue these spikes inside the rim of each pot. Then glue the pots onto the bottom of the jetpack.

Step 8

For the straps, cut the cotton tape in half and fold each piece into a loop. Place the loops alongside each other on the back of the backpack with the ends overlapping underneath. Tape them on temporarily with masking tape then check the fit and adjust if necessary. Glue them in place.

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