BLOG: Painting, Hiding & Finding Stones

Painting rocks is the craze currently sweeping the nation. For those of you who haven’t come across decorated stones subtlty hidden along footpaths, in parks and around beaches then here’s what it is all about!

People collect stones and then decorate them using a variety of different mediums. Most commonly they are painted, but we have also seen coloured Sharpie pens and nail varnish used. If you want your stone designs to last longer you can use a clear varnish over the top of them. On one side you can draw anything you like, and on the back you will usually find the name of a Facebook group (e.g. Love on the Rocks or East Sussex Rocks) in which you can share your pictures.

The idea is that if you find one of these decorated stones you take a picture of it and upload it to one of the Facebook groups and then you can either leave it where it is or re-hide it somewhere else. People that are visiting an area will often find stones and then take them back to their home towns to re-hide them.

The children absolutely love this and it is really popular where we live so there are always some to find. We usually decorate our stones with Sharpie pens as it is quick and easy to do, but we have just discovered Pintor Pens from Pilot which are more like paint pens and perfect for decorating stones (see our review here). We will walk for miles along a coastal path, splitting in to two teams (often boys vs. girls) to see who can find the most. We collect them all up (we walk with a buggy for the younger two so we don’t have to carry heavy stones) and then we re-hide them all on the walk back along with any new ones we have made. It keeps everyone entertained, it’s good exercise and it’s a free outing. We take photos as we go along and the children love us showing them photos of ones they have designed that have been found by other people.


If you don’t have something like this in your area then it is easy to start; create a Facebook group for sharing photos and spread the word by leaving out stones, tell family and friends, and let your children tell their friends at school. You can get decorating ideas from other groups as well as looking on sites like Pinterest.

Happy Stone Hunting!

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