BLOG: Make a Bug Hotel!

Bug Hotel

Bugs need a nice place to rest their heads, and this simple construction will create a lovely home for lots of critters in your garden. Have a look around and see what you can find that would make a good addition to the hotel – you aren’t restricted by what is listed here. Instead of the bricks, for example, you could use old wooden pallets, and terracotta pots make good homes for frogs and toads.

You will need:

About 12 bricks

Thin piece of plywood (about 18 x 18in/50 x 50cm)

Old roof tiles

Sticks, bamboo, straw, corrugated card, pine cones, pebbles and leaves


1. Make the structure of the bug hotel. Find a flat, sheltered area in your garden and clear any debris away. Lay out three rows of bricks, two layers high. Put the plywood on the top of this and adjust the bricks so that they fit the length of the wood. Add another row of bricks, then put some tiles on the top for the roof.

2. Fill each ‘room’ in your hotel with things the bugs will like. Use bamboo canes for bees, which like to nest in the little holes. Ladybirds and other beetles like sticks, dry leaves and straw. Centipedes and spiders like bits of bark, frogs like large pebbles and lacewings like corrugated card.

3. Finally, give your hotel a name and write it in chalk on a piece of roof tile. Prop onto the top of the hotel with the help of a rock, and your hotel is officially open for bees-ness (tee hee!)

Extract reprinted here with permission from GMC Publications, The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities by Laura Minter and Tia Williams, RRP £14.99, GMC Publications, published April 2018.

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