BLOG: Five lunches for four (for under £20)!

Keeping to a budget and creating different lunches everyday doesn’t have to be hard work. Here is how you can feed four children, five weekday lunches, all for under £20. Portion sizes are based on children aged between 3-10.

A great tip for the jelly is saving up the small yoghurt pots and then using them to make the jelly in, it keeps the portion sizes the same and means that you can get 8 small jellies from one 55p packet. Kids will love these lunches as they get such a variety of food; several small portions of food looks more aesthetically pleasing and picky eaters may be more willing to try new foods. The lunches are so easy to change around each week, why not try different fruits and sandwich fillings, substitute the peppers for carrot sticks or add homemade savory pancakes instead of the brioche.

*Some shopping list prices are based on only using a portion of the item. For example, a 400g block of cheese is £2.00 but the lunches only need 200g and therefore it has been priced at £1.00. These items have been marked with a *. Prices were correct at time of writing (4th February 2021) from Tesco supermarket.

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