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REVIEW: Totbag Subscription Boxes

I am passionate about encouraging children to get outside and enjoy nature, so I was thrilled to be sent the January Totbox. From packaging to contents, it’s all completely natural and all the activities are designed to encourage children outdoors; but whatever the weather, there’s an indoor element to them as well. Each Totbag includes a mini branded activity bag and everything needed for 3 outdoor activities, suitable for children of 3+. There’s also an informative nature journal packed with guides on how to complete the activities, information as well as additional fun and games, all nature-themed. All the materials

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REVIEW: Lucky Gecko Discoveries

See our exclusive special offer below. We received two boxes from Lucky Gecko and were impressed as soon as we opened them. They offer two options, each with a range of topics. The first we explored was the Sleuth Bumper Pack, perfect for aspiring detectives and all children who are keen to understand the world around them and are always asking questions. The pack is inspired by detectives and code crackers and will encourage children to think logically to solve problems. With Alan Turing recently voted the most iconic person of the 20th century, here’s the chance for children to

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REVIEW: 5 in 1 Activity Cube & Bead Maze from Toys of Wood Oxford

This is another toy that offers plenty of different activities in one neat product. This 5 in 1 activity cube includes a shape sorter, cog wheels, zigzag slides, clock with movable hands and wired beads maze. With so many activities, there are lots of learning benefits – hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, imagination and fine motor skills are all encouraged. As well, children will explore colours, shapes, numbers, counting and telling the time. The beads maze can be detached from the cube to give two separate toys; it fits inside the cube, along with the shapes, to give a neat storage

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REVIEW: BRIO World Freight Ship & Crane

Again, this is a toy which really extends the imaginative and play value of any BRIO collection. Extend children’s awareness of the world around them by learning about the way cargoes are transported around the world – what will their ship carry? Children can load and unload using the movable crane to lift the magnetic loads from the ship and place them on any train wagon from BRIO. We have lots of other magnetic cargoes in our BRIO collection and these all work well together, enhancing play opportunities. Lifting and placing the cargoes is a great way to develop fine

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REVIEW: Wooden Nuts & Bolts Kit from Toys of Wood Oxford

This 30 piece kit is a lovely traditional set. It’s a type of toy familiar to generations and one that has stood the test of time. It’s a great way to introduce the principles of construction kits and the chunky pieces of this wooden set are ideal for children of 4+. The set includes nuts, bolts, building blocks and a screwdriver; many pieces are painted in bright colours (with safe paints, of course). An instruction sheet is included with various suggested models, and children will probably need adult help to get started. Once they have grasped the principles, they will

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