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Parents in Touch is an information, education and resources website for parents (including home educators) and teachers. We help with many aspects of education and parenting, including the provision of over 7500 worksheets to help your child. We also review the best of current children’s books and child and family related products, and keep you updated on educational news and developments.

December Giveaways!

We have more great giveaways this month! Head over to Parents in Touch to enter and see the terms & conditions. Take a look at what is on offer below: 101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up Subtitled The unofficial must-play video game list for kids, this will be a really popular book with children, who will have great fun reading through and deciding which games they really, really must have! Space Adventure Activity Book Children are fascinated by space and they will love this packed activity book with its wide range of colourful activities. At the same

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REVIEW: Science Wiz: Electricity by Penny Norman

This fun electricity kit includes 18 fascinating activities that will help children understand the relevant parts of the National Curriculum – great to support school learning and for home educators. The set includes a motor, buzzer, test leads, LED, pinwheels, crocodile clips and much more. All you need to add is a D-cell battery and some easily obtained household items. Children are introduced to the concept of a loop, and the various activities build on this; they include building circuit loops, sending coded messages, conductivity, lighting bulbs and connecting batteries and buzzers. A straightforward way for children to learn about

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REVIEW: The Curiosity Box

Inquisitive and questioning children will revel in the contents of these exciting boxes which will really stimulate an interest in science. We all know the importance of hands-on learning in science, and the home is the best place to provide this opportunity, where parents can enjoy sharing the fun of science with their children. These boxes make that meaningful and focused. The boxes are curated in Oxford, championed by scientists and explore a different topic each month. Each Curiosity Box is packed with hands-on activities and collectable lab kit to help children explore the world around them – and beyond.

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REVIEW: Sweetpea Pantry Healthy Baking

Cooking with children is great fun and it helps them learn a range of key skills too – not least of which is learning about healthy eating. Sweetpea Pantry was founded by two busy mums who couldn’t find any great tasting ready mixes on the shelves that added nutritional value., so they decided to ensure busy people had access to great tasting, easy options for snacks, treats and meals. Their Ready Mixes are not loaded with sugar (they never have sugar in the top three ingredients) but have plenty of fibre, nutrients, texture and flavour.  The mixes come with all the

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REVIEW: Geo Journey Subscription Box

Pack your suitcase and set off on an exciting journey around the world with subscription boxes from Geo Journey. You start off with an explorer kit with suitcase, travel journal, passport, map and activities – this is what were sent. A personalised letter to your child from Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas the puppy. The friends will join your child on a world adventure and every country pack includes a fact filled letter from them, telling your child all about their travels. The mini suitcase is beautifully made, strong and with a patterned fabric cover. The metal

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