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Parents in Touch is an information, education and resources website for parents (including home educators) and teachers. We help with many aspects of education and parenting, including the provision of over 7500 worksheets to help your child. We also review the best of current children’s books and child and family related products, and keep you updated on educational news and developments.

REVIEW: KiwiCo STEM Crates Educational Subscription Boxes

We were very kindly sent four Kiwi Crates to review; one for each of the children. The Kiwi Crates are designed for ages 0+ and I’ve not come across subscription boxes for such specific age ranges before, so I was really excited to see what was inside! Tadpole Crate – Music Maker Set – 0+ Inside the box you get: a wooden dinosaur shaker, a triangular dinosaur shaker, wooden castanets with a lion on them, a wooden Guiro drum, a book called ‘Olive’s Seaside Band’, a booklet and a ‘how to’ sheet. Just from opening the box and having a

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REVIEW: Science Wiz: Cool Circuits Puzzle

The objective is to solve each challenge – there are 40 in all – by completing the circuit to light up the board. The kit includes a light-up game board, eight 3D fluorescent circuit pieces, a pack of 40 puzzle cards and an instruction/solution book. It’s well made and all neatly slots together, with the puzzle cards stored in a drawer under the puzzle board. There are 40 puzzle challenges of increasing difficulty (recommended age is 8+) – tutorial, beginner, student and advanced. Be warned – the advanced are a real challenge and may well have some adults puzzled! To

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REVIEW: Science Wiz: Inventions

This kit is a practical combination of a 40 page full-colour book along with the parts necessary to build a spinning motor, a clicking telegraph, a light flashing generator and a real radio. It is one in an excellent and extensive set of Science Wiz kits, the result of years of testing with children. Step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead young scientists successfully through each invention and as they work through, they will gain a good understanding of the science behind the projects. The visual nature of the instructions is excellent as children can work on their own, and even less

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REVIEW: Presto Snow Powder

This amazing product is a super absorbent polymer that expands to 30 times its original volume, absorbing up to 100 times its weight in water and producing a fluffy white snow as if by magic. Just this 100gm pack can make over six litres of light powdery artificial snow. It won’t melt and can last for days if you spritz it daily with water to keep it light and fluffy. It’s so simple to make – just put one scoop (the scoop is included) of Presto Snow® powder with 60ml of warm water to make about one cup full of

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REVIEW: Neon the Ninja by Dr Karen Treisman

The subtitle of this book is A Therapeutic Story with Creative Activities for Children Aged 5-10: … Nightmares; it is certainly a book that will be welcomed by any parent or carer who has to deal with the problem of childhood nightmares. Neon the Nightmare-fighting Ninja has a very special job – he is there to care for anyone who finds the night time scary, by using his special ninja powers to protect from night-time fears. The book is a practical and easy-to-use combination of a story which shows children how Neon Ninja can fight their nightmares, plus therapeutic activities

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