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Parents in Touch is an information, education and resources website for parents (including home educators) and teachers. We help with many aspects of education and parenting, including the provision of over 7500 worksheets to help your child. We also review the best of current children’s books and child and family related products, and keep you updated on educational news and developments.

SPECIAL OFFER: 11+ Lifeline from Robert Lomax

We’ve been recommending Robert Lomax’s 11-plus books to our members for over two years. Now we’re delighted to be able to offer his exam preparation course, 11 Plus Lifeline, to friends of Parents In Touch at a fantastic special price: 1 month free and 20% off forever, with the checkout code PARENTSINTOUCH120. 11 Plus Lifeline is the most comprehensive and enjoyable 11-plus course currently available: a complete solution for your child’s English and Maths preparation. All materials are sent by email, to download and print. Robert’s papers cover English Comprehension, Maths and Creative/Persuasive Writing, preparing children for written and multiple-choice

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REVIEW: Latice Deluxe Board Game

Latice is a strategy board game for 2-4 players or teams, age 6+, so great for family groups. The objective is to be the first to play all of your tiles. Match the tiles by colour or shape and on two, three, or four sides to earn extra moves. The wind tiles can be used to shift other tiles on the board. It’s good that the rules are simple to start with, ensuring you can get on with the game quickly; but as you progress, the strategies become deeper and more complex, so you are always learning and progressing. The

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REVIEW: Teletubbies 8″ Talking Po Soft Toy

The Teletubbies 8″ Talking Po is a wonderfully soft and cuddly toy. When you press Po’s tummy you will hear a Teletubbies phrase or sound effect. At 8″ tall these soft toys are just the right size for your little one to cuddle, squeeze and carry around. The material is supersoft plush and is a gorgeous vibrant red. All four Teletubbies are available to buy (Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La & Po) and they are all a very close likeness to the on-screen Teletubby characters. I am very impressed with the quality of this toy; Po has very detailed eyes and

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REVIEW: Teletubbies Twist n Chime

Teletubbies Twist n Chime figures are fun new figures for your Teletubbies fan to enjoy. These figures are chunky, solid and perfectly sized for little hands. They are the bright colours that you are used to seeing on-screen and each one is around 12cm tall. Twist the waist of the Teletubbies and they will make a lovely chime. The waist can be twisted either way to make the chiming sound. Their heads also rotate 360 degrees and their arms are posable. All four Teletubbies (Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La & Po) are available to buy and they are perfect for encouraging

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REVIEW: Peppa Pig – Pick Up & Play Playground Playset

The Peppa Pig Playground set is one of two designed as foldaway playsets in the shape of Peppa’s face. The attractive appearance will instantly appeal to children. The set opens up to reveal a colourful playground with a trampoline and basketball goalpost., plus a Peppa Pig figure (on a base so she stands well). The backgrounds are bright and colourful, showing Peppa’s friends playing (who can your child name?) and lots of typical playground features. The hopscotch is a great way for children to learn numbers – and hopefully, to be encouraged to try this fun game for themselves. There

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