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REVIEW: Hape Hide and Seek Periscope

  Great fun for children, this will encourage their observational skills and encourage them to take an interest in the world around them. The child can stand unnoticed behind a wall or other object and by holding the periscope to their eye, and putting the end into the open, they will be able to see what’s going on without being detected. It’s a good way to observe nature without disturbance too. It’s a well made toy, as we’ve come to expect from Hape and their commitment to sustainability is shown by the fact it is made of plant plastic and

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REVIEW: Brain Teaser Puzzle from Toys of Wood Oxford

This three-in-one puzzle combines a Galileo Globe, Halley’s Comet and Lock Ball (football) Puzzle in one neat and very attractive set. The wood is smooth and has a lovely tactile feel. The lovely dark shiny wood means it looks good as an ornament too. Endless fun as you take the puzzles apart and reassemble them in one of the shapes – it’s quite a challenge! Each puzzle is 7.5×7.5X7.5 cm, and comes nicely packed in a box. This set of mind puzzles helps to improve lateral thinking and develop concentration skills – it’s very relaxing to do, as you get

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REVIEW: Chinese Checkers & Gobang from Toys of Wood Oxford

Wooden toys and games are wonderful to enjoy as a refreshing change from the ubiquitous plastic – and good for our planet as well, of course. Toys of Wood Oxford have a fabulous range and this is another traditional set to give hours of pleasure. The well-finished solid wooden board offers two fun games – Chinese Checkers (60 brightly coloured pegs, 10 of each colour) and 5 in a Row (Gobang) game (30 white chips and 30 black chips). For those not familiar with the games, clear instructions on how to play are included. Both are very simple to play and

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REVIEW: Dr Eureka Game

The objective of this fast-moving game is to mix the molecules and master the formula in eccentric Dr Eureka’s lab; how fast can you transfer the molecules between the tubes to become an ace scientist? The rules are simple, so none of that annoying hanging around while everyone tries to assimilate a complex set of rules – you can get stuck into the game really quickly. Basically, players flip over cards and then have to match the pattern shown. Be careful – you mustn’t touch the balls with your hands! The winner is the first to match the challenge card

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REVIEW: Rainy Day Box – Big Activity Box

The Rainy Day box is a super concept, which allows the box to be completely personalised, or for the donor to select from one of the excellent range of pre-selected boxes, which cater to a wide range of interests. We loved our Grow and Learn Big Activity Box with its really varied choice of activities. There are two craft kits – a cress planter and peg bugs – plus a very tasty (and simple) white chocolate and fudge cookie mix, animal stickers and a beetle game from House of Marbles’ retro range. Each item comes with clear instructions and the

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