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Parents in Touch is an information, education and resources website for parents (including home educators) and teachers. We help with many aspects of education and parenting, including the provision of over 7500 worksheets to help your child. We also review the best of current children’s books and child and family related products, and keep you updated on educational news and developments.

REVIEW: – “A Psychologist in Your Pocket”

WeParent is a new website promoting positive mental health in children and aims to help parents and children by providing fun and interactive strategies to tackle a wide range of issues, such as sibling rivalry and social skills. As a parent you might find that you always deal with a certain situation in the same way all of the time, maybe through habit, maybe because you have never really considered dealing with it in any other way, or maybe just not knowing where to start in order to sort out the issue at all. WeParent teaches you how. From the

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REVIEW: Alvin and the Chipmunks 100 Piece Floor Puzzle

Perfect for sharing, this giant size 100 piece puzzle is definitely one for spreading out on the floor, allowing more than one child to enjoy it at the same time. Alvin and The Chipmunks are rocking and rolling with their musical instruments in this fantastic puzzle. The high quality pieces are extra large, perfect for children age 6+ to enjoy; the puzzle measures 49 x 36 cm when complete. The picture has plenty of bold blocks of colour to find and put in place relatively easily, and the graduated colour of the background is also helpful when putting the puzzle

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REVIEW: Plaid Hat Games: Stuffed Fables

This game instantly intrigued us, as it looked totally different to anything we had previously experienced – and we weren’t disappointed! Stuffed Fables is an Adventure Book Game in which all the action takes place in the unique storybook – a book that acts as your rules reference, story guide, and game board, all in one! The book opens flat onto the table to reveal a colourful map or other illustration integral to playing the game, showing the choices, story, and special rules on the opposite page; each adventure goes over several pages. The game is based around a group

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REVIEW: Hape 101 Wooden Beech Blocks

This big box of bright tactile blocks gives plenty of scope for creativity and imagination with the range of shapes and sheer number. Children from 12 months plus can explore shape, balance and design as they create their own imaginary worlds. As children explore and build. they will gradually learn how to create a strong structure, and problem solving skills will come into play as they work out how the shapes can be fitted together; as they play fine motor skills will be developed. The clever thing is that the blocks come in a box which doubles as a shape

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BLOG: Superhero Jetpack Backpack!

Taken from the brilliant Superhero Craft Book from Button Books. Parents in Touch have 5 copies to giveaway this months. See the Giveaways Page to find out how to enter. Jetpack Backpack If flying isn’t your super power, have no fear! This jetpack can get superheroes to the scene of the crime in no time. The pack doubles up as a backpack to store snacks, drinks, and all other superhero essentials. You will need: 1 x shoebox with a lid, approx. 12 x 7in (30 x 18cm) Red acrylic paint Paintbrush Scissors Gold duct tape 1 x sheet each of

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