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Parents in Touch is an information, education and resources website for parents (including home educators) and teachers. We help with many aspects of education and parenting, including the provision of over 7500 worksheets to help your child. We also review the best of current children’s books and child and family related products, and keep you updated on educational news and developments.

REVIEW: So Slime DIY Slime Shakers

I knew as soon as I saw this set that I would have a couple of little reviewers that would jump at the chance of playing with slime! We have the 3-pack of slime and the colours inside are yellow, green and pink. There are just 3 simple instructions on the back of the pack to follow and it says it is mess free.   Each pot has a lid and inside each pot is a silver packet; inside the packet is small bag of coloured powder, a small bag of glitter or confetti and a surprise figurine. All you

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REVIEW: Brik Buster from Strictly Briks

The aim of this games is fairly simple, but a lot of fun! The box comes with a whopping 133 brightly coloured pieces and you can use the colours in order you like to make your tower. To build your tower you first need two of the platforms and lay them together side by side, you then need to make six columns which should be four bricks tall; start by making a column in each corner and then add a column in between the two corners. You need to alternate the direction of the platforms for each level. Now it’s

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REVIEW: Pintor Classic & Fun Marker Pens by Pilot

Parents in Touch were kindly sent two packs of Pintor Marker Pens to review; we have the Classic pack which have six 2.9mm fine point nibs and the Fun pack which has six chunkier 4.5mm nibs. In the Classic pack you get black, white, blue, green, yellow and red and in the Fun pack you will find black, purple, blue, green, pink and orange. The Pintor pens are water-based paint markers which are suitable for all surfaces and depending on what surface you use them on they will either be permanent or washable. When they are used on surfaces such

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BLOG: Painting, Hiding & Finding Stones

Painting rocks is the craze currently sweeping the nation. For those of you who haven’t come across decorated stones subtlty hidden along footpaths, in parks and around beaches then here’s what it is all about! People collect stones and then decorate them using a variety of different mediums. Most commonly they are painted, but we have also seen coloured Sharpie pens and nail varnish used. If you want your stone designs to last longer you can use a clear varnish over the top of them. On one side you can draw anything you like, and on the back you will

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BLOG & REVIEW: Mumboss by Vicki Psarias

Vicki Psarias set up The Honest Mum blog and in her new book, Mumboss – The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home, she covers many topics such as when and if you should return to work after having a baby and juggling home/work life balance. Read our review of her book here. An extract from Mumboss: On the other hand, many mothers don’t feel ready to return to work at the end of their allocated maternity leave, so listen to your body and mind, and work out a way to make yourself happy. If

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